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MicroTally® for Produce

Innovative sampling technology for the detection of Salmonella, STEC, and other indicator organisms on leafy greens


Traditional methods of sampling lead to the loss of product


Unsafe food causes recalls that can damage brand reputation


Rising equipment and labor costs are big financial burdens

MicroTally® Swabs are the trusted sampling innovation of choice


MicroTally® Swabs

Our swabs leverage MSD and CSD to capture surface organisms while eliminating the loss of product compared to the standard N60 and N60+ methods of sampling


How it Works

1) Attach
cartridge and baseplate

4) Analyze
at your local lab


2) Sample
using MicroTally® Swab

3) Enrich
with appropriate medium

MicroTally® Swabs are proven to increase accuracy for produce grab sampling

Research coming soon!

Contact us to learn more.

Why Should I Use MicroTally®?

MicroTally® Manual Sampling Device (MSD) provides savings in...

We are looking for partners to quantify the enhanced food safety from aggregated sampling from swabs in produce

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