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MicroTally® for Beef

Innovative sampling technology for the detection of Salmonella, STEC, and other indicator organisms on beef trimmings


Traditional methods of sampling lead to the loss of product


High sampling times lead to inefficient food product lines


Rising equipment and labor costs are big financial burdens

MicroTally® Swabs are the trusted sampling innovation of choice for the top beef companies globally


MicroTally® Swabs

Our swabs leverage MSD and CSD to capture surface organisms while eliminating the loss of product compared to the standard N60 and N60+ methods of sampling


For Detailed MSD Instructions 

Please click here

For Detailed CSD Instructions 

Please click here

In cooperation with USDA, validation studies have confirmed the effectiveness of MicroTally® Swabs on beef trim

For USDA FSIS Letter of No Objection Please click here

How it Works

1) Attach
cartridge and baseplate

4) Analyze
at your local lab


2) Sample
using MicroTally® Swab

3) Enrich
with appropriate medium

MicroTally® Swabs have gained recognition for its industry leading technology


2020 USDA-ARS Technology Transfer Award


Federal Laboratory Consortium 2019 Excellence in Technology Transfer Award

Read more on the USDA-ARS website here

View our press releases and research here

See MicroTally® in Action!

MicroTally CSD Demo

Why Should I Use MicroTally®?

MicroTally® Manual Sampling Device (MSD) provides savings in...


In cooperation with USDA, validation studies have confirmed the effectiveness of MicroTally Sampling on beef trim


Pork & Poultry

We are leveraging our strengths in beef with select partners in the pork and poultry industries to add value to their food safety processes


Value added produce and leafy greens, in particular, comprise another important category given the challenge associated with these products

Applications Beyond the Meat Industry?

FREMONTA has identified numerous categories of trade where MicroTally® Swabs and Sheets can enhance food safety.

Contact us today to learn more about how MicroTally® Swabs can protect your food brand

FREMONTA is seeking to partner with organizations that face similar challenges to validate sampling efficiencies for other products. If interested, please get in touch!

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