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The latest innovation in sampling technology solutions


MicroTally Baseplates


MicroTally Swabs


MicroTally Cartridges

MicroTally® Swabs, Baseplates, and Cartridges are the

sampling innovation of choice for top food companies globally


In cooperation with USDA, validation studies have confirmed the effectiveness of MicroTally Sampling on beef trim

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Pork & Poultry

We are leveraging our strengths in beef with select partners in the pork and poultry industries to add value to their food safety processes


Value added produce and leafy greens, in particular, comprise another important category given the challenge associated with these products

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Applications Across Industries

FREMONTA has identified numerous categories of trade where MicroTally® Swabs and Sheets can enhance food safety.

Contact us today to learn more about how MicroTally® Swabs can protect your food brand

FREMONTA is seeking to partner with organizations that face similar challenges to validate sampling efficiencies for other products. If interested, please get touch!

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