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  • What sample matrix can MicroTally® be used on?
    MicroTally® is intended for use on any solid food where the presence of microbial pathogens or toxins, on the external surface of the product, are of concern. MicroTally® material, as a part of the manual and continuous sampling devices, has been approved by the USDA for beef trim sampling for pathogens and indicator organisms. MicroTally® has also been scientifically proven effective in sampling bacteria on produce such as lettuce.
  • What can MicroTally® NOT be used on?
    MicroTally® is not intended for some fine powders or liquids that may fill capture sites, interfering with the sampling process. MicroTally® should not be used if the suspected contamination is inherently internal to the product, and therefore not accessible for sampling.
  • When to use MicroTally® Sheet vs. MicroTally® Swab
    MicroTally® Sheet: - MicroTally® Sheet is intended for use when the food product is conveyed. - A continuous sampling device should be positioned such that the MicroTally® Sheet will come in contact with the surface of the product. The location will vary with the product and process. MicroTally® Swab: - MicroTally® Swab is intended for use on a food product that is collecting in bins or similar devices. - A MicroTally® Swab would be used manually to sample the surface of one or more layers of the product.
  • What problems does the MicroTally® sampling system address?
    The MicroTally® system: - Samples a much greater proportion of the product - Eliminates trim loss from sampling - Reduces hazardous waste disposal costs - Reduces sampling time and injury risks
  • How long will it take to process my order?
    When you place your order, you will recieve an email that will specify your official estimated order fulfillment time. Orders are often (but not always) processed within 2 business days of recieving. Order processing time will vary depending on the volume of orders we are currently experiencing. If you would like to inquire about current processing times before placing your order, please contact us at or by calling (408) 581-0118
  • Where can I find your policies?
    You can find all of our policies including Shipping, Refund & Exchange, and Privacy Policies here
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