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FREMONTA Corporation is improving food safety by providing food companies with superior detection of microbiological risk through innovative tools that continuously monitor deviations in microbiological flora along the product stream, indicating pathogen risk.


Improve Sampling Improve Quality

At FREMONTA, we believe in a better quality-management experience. One that decreases costs while reducing stress on the quality team, allowing them to utilize more automatic, and less laborious, quality control measures. This level of security is achievable through more efficient sampling of the products you send out to thousands of people every day.


With improved sampling devices, companies need not rely on a small number of samples to catch pathogens potentially present in the 99.9% of product never tested. Quality Managers across the country are now turning to FREMONTA for more accurate and cost-effective sampling devices to better ensure the safety of product released from their doors.

FREMONTA consists of an experienced team of scientists and technologists perfecting proprietary mechanisms to enhance food safety. After years of research, FREMONTA's first product offerings are entering the marketplace.

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