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What is MicroTally?

MicroTally Manual Sampling Swabs and Continuous Sampling Sheets are the new and convenient tools to sample meat trimmings for the detection of Salmonella, Shiga toxin producing E.coli (STEC), and other indicator organisms.  MicroTally Swab meets all the parameters specified by FSIS and, when used as directed, provides an organism recovery rate greater than, or equivalent to, the typical N60 or N60 Plus method for detection.

How Does MicroTally Work?

MicroTally works by lifting microorganisms from the surface of the product when contact is made with the Swab or the Sheet. The binding is more efficient than the release, causing organisms to accumulate, providing a large effective sample size.


For meat sampling using the Manual Sampling Device (MSD) Swab, Simply press the Swab on the top surface of the combo, and your sampling is complete (Click here for detailed instructions). 


This method of capturing surface organisms eliminates the loss of product through the standard N60 and N60+ methods of sampling.

Studies are published, and in progress, to quantify the sampling efficiencies for other products.

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MicroTally™ Instructions

FSIS Letter of No Objection

What is MicroTally
How Does It Work
See It In Action

See MicroTally in Action!

MicroTally CSD Demo

Why Should I Use MicroTally?

MicroTally™ Manual Sampling Device provides savings in...
Why Use MicroTally

Applications Beyond the Meat Industry?

FREMONTA has identified numerous categories of trade where MicroTally Swabs and Sheets can enhance food safety.

Other Applications


In cooperation with USDA, validation studies have confirmed the effectiveness of MicroTally Sampling on beef trim.


Value added produce and leafy greens, in particular, comprise another important category given the challenge associated with these products

What's Next?

FREMONTA is seeking to partner with organizations that face similar challenges to validate sampling efficiencies for other products.

Interested participants should contact us.

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